Prisma, an alternative rock band from Geneva, begins his adventure in 2008. Passionate about The Beatles since his childhood in Peru, Paulo Mendoza, singer and guitarist decides to form a band with his brother: Dennis Benavides. Paulo talks to Dennis about his dream of music, about the style and the sound that they would develop. He shares with Dennis excerpts from songs like U2’s "New Year's Day", Placebo’s "Every Me And Every You" or "Come As You Are" by Nirvana. Dennis remembers that moment as a revelation. Without any hesitation he decided to join in and became the first guitarist and second singer. Paulo works the sound, the melodies, Dennis writes the lyrics, they rehearse every day. Dennis learns to play the piano and adds keyboards to the compositions. Their compositions are fuller, alive and their sound finds its niche.


In late 2009, they recorded a demo, which allows them to play in many festivals in 2010 (Caribana Festival, Rock of Arare, Grand-V-Rock etc).. They send their music to Couleur 3 (national radio)and the hosts of the show Rockspotting advise them to register their titles professionally in order to get into radio broadcast and playlist. End of 2010, Prisma entered the studio to record a debut EP of four songs entitled "Throw Me Back Into The Night Lights". In January 2011, their EP not quite finished, a Swiss manager, (see p3 Contact) freshly returned from the United States, hears of Prisma and decided to listen to their demo. Seeing potential in the group, she decided to give them a management contract. The EP comes out in March 2011, and things accelerate, Prisma gets radio interviews, win competitions, gives concerts and their singles are on nationale radio.


Their rock sound has a catchy energy, choruses with long musical phrases and rhythmic verses. The music has a depth in its orchestration, which soothes as well as making you want to move. The songs flow naturally and their structure never leaves room for boredom. The arrangement is based on acoustic guitars sometimes, sometimes electric, built and varied beats of synthesizers, whose sounds recall the britpop and even 80s new wave. Prisma plays contemporary music while paying homage to the alternative scene of the 90s.


"The Candlelight That Fired Our Generation"

The idea is to make an album that crosses the many inspirations of the group, from the alternative scene of the 90s' to “britpop”. The very title of the album stems from the intimate Unplugged concerts, illuminated by candlelight, an obligation through which passed the great rock bands of those years in order to join the pantheon of rock. The album will reflect the diversity of styles that Prisma seeks to reinvent and mix, with influences from the Beatles to U2, Oasis or Nirvana. Prisma is a group with multiple universes which are confined in one.